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ATS ships from all growing regions year-round to over 500 customers in all 48 of the contiguous United States and Canada.

We are a freight contractor and a logistics company who hire for all transportation needs and we pay our bills fast!

Our Creed:

Reliable first-rate service!
The ATS team is dedicated to providing quality, personalized, ethical and professional service to all our customers while constantly maintaining excellence.

24 Hour Service

If you need after hours service you can reach us at afterhours@atsvisalia.com or (559) 627-0274

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Direct dial to :
Visalia office: (559) 627-0274
Salinas office: (831) 757-4244
Chicago office: (847) 780-3696
Detroit office: (517)409-2019

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A letter from the President of ATS:

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ATS Inc.

I started ATS in 1984 to provide transportation services to the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in California and have now expanded to all shipping areas in the United States. At ATS we pride ourselves on providing personalized, ethical service to all our carriers. We believe in teamwork, which starts inside our company and filters out to include each person with whom we come in contact. We treat your drivers with respect and kindness.

Marshall Kipp CEO

Blue Book Service has awarded ATS with the The Merit Badge of Honor in Recognition of Exceptional Trading Performance.

Proud Member For 33 Years!

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